Clutch Release Bearing to 1970 Beetle Bus Ghia

Clutch Release Bearing to 1970 Beetle Bus Ghia

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This "Clutch Release Bearing" with the H/D Clips are new and  It will fit VW beetle with OE 1950 to 1970 tranny and 1100cc, 1200cc, 1300cc and 1500cc single port engines that has the 180mm or 200mm pressure plates with collar. Other applications are the T-2 bus, van, Transporter up to 1970 with original and tranny with 180mm and or 200mm flywheel and pressure plate. Karmann Ghia to 1970. Make sure that your pressure plate does have a collar and that it measures 180mm and or 200mm.

Note: Beware, please compare. Please drop your engine and measure, inspect and compare your bearing with the one pictured above.

Please check and compare the above item with yours before purchasing.